Bridging the 5th district communities

from Surviving to Thriving

Why transparency matters for the County Supervisor

As my team and I continue to develop what our top priorities will be if the community chooses us to do the important work of 5th District supervisor, one theme runs underneath many of the issues we want to address.

Transparency and County Government


The more I’ve come to interact with county government, the more I’ve had to learn that the community has Zero trust in it’s basic goodwill toward citizens. Having attended multiple meetings with the Board of Supervisors, where items have passed via the consent agenda that I had never even heard of, let alone had a chance to communicate my support or lack of support to, I feel that radical transparency and community engagement is the only path forward.

Too many times I’ve spoken with community members who are unaware of important issues being brought forward and addressed, or find they’ve been made aware with very limited time to make their voice heard. It’s very upsetting to find out about an important measure after it’s been decided, and to only see the county and it’s representatives *responding* to issues instead of being proactive.

I plan on providing the community with what I want as a community member; I want the folks of district 5 to know who their representative is, to know I have an open door policy and am reachable. That we can work on things together, be proactive and present. Regular town hall meetings where you can speak to me, not just my staff. The Supervisor needs to be present in the community, loudly. That’s how WE can work together to improve our home. I have real hope we can come together, and make our representation and politics truly local. We’ve dealt with a ton of change over the last few years, and we need to change the way we approach government so that it serves the community the way that it should. Our best days are ahead of us!






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  1. Howard F. Avatar
    Howard F.

    Christopher, you have my vote for the 5th district supervisor. The SLV is changing and not is all for the better. With a more involved 5th district supervisor I believe we can provide better infrastructure and a happier, less forgotten part of Santa Cruz County.
    Some examples are but are not limited to: Bus Service, Senior citizens services, low income services, road infrastructure and safety, and many others.

    Thank you for your effort.

    1. Antonia Bradford Avatar
      Antonia Bradford

      Howard, thank you so muchfor taking the time to check out our website and offering your support.There is so much work to be done, and it is time for the neglected parts of the 5th district be taken care of. In a recent video Christopher says: A rising tide lifts all boats…We need a supervisor who will elevate the entire district. Please stay tuned as he rolls out his priorities of focus, thank you for sharing some of your concerns!

      campaign manager

  2. Debbie Rice Avatar
    Debbie Rice

    I am heartened to know you are running for the District 5 supervisor. I appreciate your informative videos on the water issues facing BBW and I agree with Howard’s list above and the idea that our basic infrastructures are in need of attention. I’ve lived in BCreek since ’83 and have lived through fewer and fewer basic maintenance services , increasing power outages, serious communication problems especially during outages, storms etc. I am very concerned that our basic cell/phone/ internet services are seriously compromised during outages, storms, fires etc. when we need them the most. Our basic services from bussing to senior /low income services are in need of attention and so much more. I was wondering if down the road you might consider a District 5 town hall of sorts to hear local concerns and questions ? Thank you. Debbie Rice

    1. Antonia Bradford Avatar
      Antonia Bradford

      Hi Debbie!
      We absolutely share all of your concerns, the infrastructure needs are so profound after decades of neglect. A corner stone of not only Christophers campaign but as your supervisor is regular town hall meetings to connect with the district and hear the concerns and struggles of our communities. Christophers kick off event plus meet and greets will be announced very soon and I hope that you are able to join us!

      campaign manager

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